At Fine Investing we’re proud to work with investors to find some of the best investment options available for all our clients. At Fine Investing, we understand the importance of finding the right investment that’s best suited to our client’s needs, that’s why we’re proud to work with trusted partners and financial experts to open up all avenues possible for short-term investments across a diverse range of options. Whether it’s a very small amount or a large amount, we can help investors find the perfect investment to match.

Art Investment

One investment option that never fails is art investment. Art investment can not only lead to personal satisfaction but also provides you with an investment source which can last for years at a time until the investor decides to sell. Investors in art have the potential to recognise the huge appreciation and return potential on works by famous and promising artists in all areas of creative arts. This means that investing in art can not only offer a higher return on investment in a short amount of time but it can also contribute directly to nurturing new talent. Affiliated and partnered with some of the most independent and progressive galleries in London and other parts of the UK, Fine Investing is proud to be able to assist clients in finding the best possible art investments this coming year.

Alternative Investments

Alternative investments open the door to a world of fascinating investment opportunities. If a return in investment is to be made, there are many alternative investment options that exist from the normal mainstream choices that are available. Collectables such as fine wines, antiques, coins, stamps along with commodities, high potential start-ups and renewable energy have the ability to enhance ROI when invested in. Fine Investing can easily connect a range of investors with investment experts to come up with the best option for your needs.

Offshore Investments

Offshore investment advantages are clear. If return rates are higher or the taxation rate is lower than in a territory away from the investor’s country of residence, it’s common sense to protect investment gains in that specific territory. Financial centres which are positioned offshore can easily offer 100% less costs and less legal ties when conducting investment transactions in a profitable and private way. To be eligible to use offshore financial centres, investors must meet a certain criteria. At Fine Investing we can help provide you with the information on the select criteria requirements when investing offshore.

Stocks And Shares

Dating back over 400 years, one of the oldest investment options in the world, the stock exchange, can provide a good investment option for investors this coming year. There are many benefits to investing in stocks and shares. These include the possibility of diversification and compound interest which spreads the risk around multiple solutions instead of pinning all hopes on a single investment. At Fine Investing we’re proud to offer clients with a team of investment experts at their disposal to help guide you toward the best stock and share investment. We understand the difficulty of securing the right investment, that’s why we’re here to help.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Investing In Short Term Options

Some questions you should ask yourself when investing in short term investments include:

  • When do you require or expect a return on your investment?
  • How long are you looking to invest?
  • How much do you have to invest?

At Fine Investing, we’re here to help you. Call us today for more information on how we can help you find a short term investment to suit your needs.